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Title Basic geomorphological characteristics of the Dinarides Mountain System
Author Andras Bognar
The mountain system of Dinarides, representing a part of the Alpine-Himalayan mountain belt, was characterized by complex geotectonic development, marked by changing regimes. Geosyncline and especially orogenic evolution stages have played the most significant role in the creation of present structural-morphologic characteristics of Dinaric relief. Namely, specific orogenic development of the area (collision) defined the basic structural-genetic properties of existing morphostructures. Dinarides are typical episubductional mountain systems having domed structure with internal abundance of structural-genetic type of morphostructures: folded, folded-block, domed-folded-block, folded-block-thrust, etc. Three morphostructural zones are identified: Inner, Central and Outer Dinarides. They are mutually different according to properties of their structure as well as the grade of conformity between relief and geologic structure. As a significant element of relief shaped in folded-thrust-nappe morphostructures polygenetic erosional surfaces should be distinguished (so-called karst plateau like South-Istria, Northern Dalmatian-Kistanje, BrotnjoDubrave, Zadvarje, plateau around Cista, Imotsko and Sinjsko poljes, etc.). They have fluvial-corrosive origin, but probably have been predisposed additionally by allochtonous tectonics. 

BOGNAR, A., 2001: Geomorphological Regionalisation of Croatia. Acta Geographica Croatia, 34
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Keywords Dinarides Mountain system, folded-thrust-nappe morphostructures, polygenetic erosional surfaces, allochtonous tectonism
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