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Title Volcanomorphological concerns of the Nagy Hill at Tokaj and the Cigány Hill near Bodrogszegi village
Author Rita Osvath, Arpad Csamer
Abstract The Nagy Hill at Tokaj and the Cigány Hill at Bodrogszegi are very close to each other regarding not only location but age of formation and petrographic characters as well. While the Nagy Hill is well explored – thanks to the numerous outcrops – geological literature of the Cigány Hill is limited. For researching Hungarian volcanic mountains aerial photographss and space images were applied since the 1970s. On the basis of GIS methods (Landsat TM-5) only the dacite cone of the Nagy Hill was determined to be an explosion centre, however, based on geological descriptions the Cigány Hill at Bodrogszegi was also interpreted as an explosion centre. Numerous grain-size examinations were available related to both hills with the help of which the explosion centre nature of the Cigány Hill could have been justified. By plotting the matrix material content (<10 m) in relation to the SiO2 content of the samples it can be seen that most of them plot into the volcanic field and only a few plot into the transition zone very close to the boundary of the volcanic field. Grain-size and textural analyses therefore justify the volcanic character of the Cigány Hill thus it can be regarded as a former explosion centre. 
Keywords tokaj Mountains, volcanomorphology, grain-size distribution
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