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Title Anthropogenisation of the area of the Biala Przemsza catchment (the Silesian Upland) and regeneration of biogeocenoses
Author Oimahmad Rahmonov, Tadeusz Szczypek, Jolanta Pelka-Gosciniak
Abstract After organised human activity lasting for many centuries in the area of Biala Przemsza catchment since the 1980s, the distinct re-generation of biocenoses and the formation of new ecological niches for different, also new organisms have been observed. The example of this is the formation of typical ecological systems in river valleys together with characteristic elements entering into the composition of biocenoses. Due to improvement in the state of ecosystems these species, formerly being at the edge of total extinction, increased in number in their own populations. It is the example of spontaneous development of ecosystems once human pressure ceased.
Keywords human impact, Biala Przemsza catchment, Silesian Upland, re-generation of biogeocenoses
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