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Title Understanding modern human behavior. New contributions from the later Middle Paleolithic in the Arlanza river valley
Author Marta Navazo
Abstract In the middle valley of the Arlanza river (Hortigüela, Burgos), two classic Mousterian sites, Millán and La Ermita, have been documented. This paper enhances and updates the previously known information about these sites. The study includes the analysis of one of the Millán levels, geochemical characterization of the flint outcrops in the zone and artifacts found in the archaeological record, with a view to ascertaining lithic material sources, and the exploitation systems characterizing both sites. The chronological position of these late Middle Paleolithic settlements facilitates a discussion about whether the characteristics that have served to define modern human behavior are exclusive to Homo sapiens or if, on the contrary, the markers of change were already present at the end of the Middle Paleolithic.
Keywords Middle Paleolithic, raw materials, lithic industry, modern human behavior
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