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Title New contributions to our understanding of the bone technology of the lower basin Parana River (southern Coastal Shallows, Argentina)
Author Natacha Buc
Abstract This paper deals with bone technology in a sector of the lower ParanĂ¡ wetland: the northern floodplain. The general aim is to assess the variability demonstrated in bone reduction strategies in six hunter-gatherer sites dated to the Late Holocene (~ 1100-700 years 14C BP). For that purpose I employ morpho-functional groups as the analytic unit, evaluating, in each case, distributional aspects and morphological, physical, metric and microscopic variation. As a result I note, on the one hand, little variability, and that which is present is concentrated at the latest site, indicating that this variation may represent a response to a specific hunter-gatherer situation. But, for the most part, the societies studied shared general knowledge about osseous raw materials that led to the development of relatively standardized morpho-functional groups at the inter-site level.
Keywords Lower Paraná, bone technology, functional analysis, bone raw material
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