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Title Markers of Inflammation Before and During Peritoneal Dialysis
Author Rosa Palomar - Fontanet, Bernardo A. Lavin - Gomez, Jose A. Quintanar - Lartundo, Maria T. Garcia - Unzueta, Maria Gago - Fraile, Monica I. Torrealba - Rodriguez, Manuel A. Arias - Rodriguez, Juan A. Gomez - Gerique
In this study, we compared changes in inflammatory markers—C-reactive protein (CRP), pentraxin 3 (PTX3), serum component of amyloid A (SAA), and procalcitonin (PCT)—in 182 subjects: 69 from the general population (GP), 47 with CKD, 19 with an implanted intra-abdominal catheter for peritoneal dialysis (“prePD”), and 47 on peritoneal dialysis (PD). These were the results [median (95% confidence interval)] for the GP, CKD, prePD, and PD groups respectively:
• CRP: 1.40 mg/L (1.15 – 2.10 mg/L), 5.30 mg/L 
(3.04 – 8.06 mg/L), 3.33 mg/L (2.15 – 12.58 mg/L), 
7.25 mg/L (4.43 – 15.16 mg/L)
• SAA: 3.10 mg/L (2.90 – 3.53 mg/L), 7.77 mg/L 
(4.17 – 15.83mg/L), 7.30mg/L (4.81 – 10.96mg/L), 
9.14 mg/L (5.31 – 23.54 mg/L)
• PCT: 0.028 ng/mL (0.022 – 0.032 ng/mL), 
0.121 ng/mL (0.094 – 0.166 ng/mL), 0.160 ng/
mL (0.090 – 0.277 ng/mL), 0.363 ng/mL (0.222 – 
0.481 ng/mL)
• PTX3: 0.54 ng/mL (0.33–0.62 ng/mL), 0.71 ng/
mL (0.32–1.50 ng/mL), 0.56 ng/mL (0.44–1.00 ng/
mL), 1.04 ng/mL (0.65–1.56 ng/mL)
After catheter insertion, CRP showed a nonsignificant declining trend that disappeared throughout PD. The behavior of SAA was similar to that of CRP 
and was not modified by the changes induced by the start of PD. An increase in PTX3 was observed only with PD, which may be related to a local proinflammatory state caused by PD solution. We can conclude that catheter insertion for PD does not account for most of the local inflammatory changes observed in PD patients.
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Keywords Abdominal catheter insertion, inflammation markers, pentraxin, serum component of amyloid A
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