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Volume 1
Issue 1
Online publication date 2010-04-09
Title Lever mechanism for vibration isolation
Author Kuinian Li, Mitchell Gohnert
Abstract By introducing lever mechanism into the conventional vibration isolation system, new vibration isolation systems such as lever-damper isolator (LDI), lever-spring isolator (LSI) and lever-spring-mass isolator (LSMI) can be developed. The transmissibility of LDI, transmissibility of LSI and that of LSMI are obtained analytically. With numerical simulation, the vibration isolation performance of these systems and the effect of parameters on the performance are investigated. The results show that the performance of traditional vibration isolator can be improved by the introducing of lever mechanism. The results also show that the new systems have less constraint in design.
Aoki, K., Mitsui, T., 2008. “A tabletop experiment for the direct measurement of the speed of light”, American Journal of Physics, Vol. 6, No.9, pp.812-815.

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Keywords Vibration isolator, transmissibility, lever mechanism.
Pages 21-28
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