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Volume 9
Issue 3
Online publication date 2013-09-12
Title Wastewater treatment process of organic impurities by Fenton reaction
Author Talgat Mauletuly, Fengting Li
Abstract The method is for the oxidative degradation of organic contaminants of natural, recycled and waste water. As oxidative degradation of the catalyst, compounds of iron, generated directly in the purification process, wherein the oxidation of the organic impurities by molecular oxygen, activated by a pair H2O2/Fe2 , and hydrogen peroxide taken in an amount of 30 - 40% of that stoichiometrically required. The proposed method has the following advantages: improved performance and efficiency of the water treatment while reducing the cost of its holding.
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Keywords Oxidation, wastewater, oiled water, Fenton's reagent, ions of variable valence
Pages 105-108
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