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Volume 10
Issue 1
Online publication date 2014-01-17
Title Phosphoric acid activation of phosphorites of Central Kyzylkum
Author Atanazar Seitnazarov, Shavkat Namazov, Boris Beglov
The article presents a method of receiving the concentrated single phosphate fertilizers with the content of absorbable P2O5. The experiment made assumed processing of ordinary phosphate flour, washed concentrate, dust fraction, mineralized mass and thermoconcentrate of Central Kyzylkum’s phosphorites by incomplete norm of wet-process phosphoric acid.  This process lasts 30 minutes at 75oC; the weight ratio of P2O5 in acid to P2O5 in raw material makes 1 : 0,3 and 1 : 0,5.
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Keywords Phosphorites, phosphoric acid, decarbonization, activation, single phosphate fertilizers
Pages 1-7
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