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Volume 10
Issue 2
Online publication date 2014-05-11
Title MOOCs as a tool for new media education?
Author Jan Beseda, Zbynek Machat
This paper aims to examine a contemporary learning practice - the so called massive open online courses (MOOCs). The paper looks at the development of massive open online courses over the years. Thus, changes in e-learning architecture are consequently observed; the need for multi-device learning solutions is noted, as is the need to implement multimedia formats into virtual learning solutions. At the same time, focusing on educators, there has been a change in learning solutions’ design based on the emergence of a new type of self-determined and autonomous learner, as described by the newly formulated concept of heutagogy. Customized e-learning courses tend to involve the use of multimedia - both for corporate clients and tertiary sector students. The complexities of creating an appropriate blend along with the most effective learning solutions for each learner - including the use of mobile platforms and social learning - have never been more challenging.
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Keywords MOOC, digital content, multi-device learning solution, student-centered learning, heutagogy
Pages 55-59
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