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Volume 10
Issue 3
Online publication date 2014-08-14
Title The capacity of absorption of the international technology transfer, its limits and the analysis of the possibilities of production of knowledge in developing countries: The case of Republic of Moldova
Author Maia Pisaniuc
This article is based indirectly on the analysis of the interdependencies between economic development of world states and the technological potential. In this article we set the objective to analyse the interdependence between the capacity of production and generation of modern technologies and the absorption capacity. The appreciation of the possibilities of developing countries to create and disseminate technologies, in which form of organization and financing could that, be done. Determining the obstacles that limit the degree of absorption of technologies, and which are the measures that could open new possibilities in the international technology transfer.
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Keywords Technology transfer, capacity of absorption, knowledge, patents, alliances, intellectual property, intellectual property rights, degree of absorption
Pages 67-75
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