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Volume 10
Issue 4
Online publication date 2014-11-24
Title Selective extraction of ballast carbonates from phosphorites of central Kyzyl-Kum with chemical methods
Author Zulfikaxor Dehkanov, Atanazar Seitnazarov, Shavkat Namazov
The enrichment of phosphorites of Central Kyzilkum containing large amount of carbonates with nitric acid allows obtaining phosphorite concentrates applicable for sulfuric acid extraction. The paper offers the optimum parameters of this process applied to phosphorite flour, mineralised mass and washed and dried phosphorite concentrates of Cental Kyzilkum`s phosphorites.
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Keywords Phosphorite, nitric acid, ethyl alcohol, calcium nitrate, chemical enriched phosphorite’s concentrates
Pages 114-121
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