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Volume 10
Issue 4
Online publication date 2014-11-24
Title iPAD in academic settings: A pilot project
Author Petr Sudicky, Veronika Nenickova
After  the emergence of desktop computers,  laptops and smartphones,  the  iPad  (or any other  tablet) represents one of the newest technology conveniences that teachers can utilize for their work. Tablets in general have been around for only about three years; their popularity, however, has climbed quite high among teachers at all levels of the educational system. Still, a question arises whether teachers can truly exploit all the different possibilities that tablets could mean for their practices, or whether the devices are mostly used for rather basic procedures such as surfing the Web, reading emails, taking photos and reading news posts. 

In  this context,  the E-learning Office at  the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, decided  to  launch a pilot  project  investigating  possibilities  of  applying  iPads  in the academic  environment. The  project encompasses lending out iPads to selected teachers with the aim of getting complex feedback on their experiences,  running  a series  of  specialized workshops  for  lecturers  as well  as  students  to  try  out different application opportunities, and gathering global data on the use of mobile technologies among the faculty. This paper summarizes the outcomes of the first stage of this project, providing interesting insights about opportunities and challenges of m-learning in higher education.
Keywords iPad, m-learning, mobile technologies, academic settings, teacher training
Pages 141-146
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