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Volume 10
Issue 4
Online publication date 2014-11-24
Title Development of the high-performance separator based on a mathematical model of droplet deposition in centrifugal forces field
Author T.Z. Rakhmonov
The authors propose a mathematical model of the motion of liquid droplets of various sizes in the field of centrifugal forces and the results of computer calculation of particle trajectories in the separator with axial swirling unit. Assessment of the distribution of droplets –by-size obtained by calculation on the basis of the proposed model evidenced their similarity with experimental data. On the basis of theoretical and experimental studies it has become possible to improve the design of separators, effectively position fenders and thus, increase the ratio of phase separation.
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Keywords Liquid droplets, mathematical model, centrifugal force, gas-liquid separator, particles’ trajectories, the efficiency of a separator
Pages 122-129
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