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Volume 11
Issue 1
Online publication date 2015-06-25
Title Using the organic-mineral binder for molybdenum concentrate granulation in metallurgy
Author Farhod Yusupov, Vitaliy Guro, Peter Shtyrlov, Matluba Ibragimova
When we use the traditional composition of the batch mixture in the production of cinder, the proportion of Mo in the granules is reduced to 4% (Table 1). In addition, it is known that the presence of kaolin in cinder makes difficult sublimating rhenium oxide and impairs its commodity indices such as the fullness of ammonia leaching, Au and Ag extraction from a cake. To improve these technical and economic indicators was an idea to replace, completely or partially, kaolin with organic binder to be burned at a sintering of Mo-concentrate and causing no dilution of the product. The purpose of our study is to develop such a binder for JSC "Almalyk GMK" with the specific requirements. It should not contain any "technological poisons" (such as phosphates) adversely affecting the redistribution of cinder: leaching, sorption of Mo (VI) ions, hydrogen reduction to metal, sintering rods. 
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Keywords Mo concentrate, cinder, kaolin, organic polymer, granulation
Pages 1-8
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