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Volume 11
Issue 1
Online publication date 2015-06-25
Title Overview of promoting technology - based innovations and investments in R&D in Lithuania
Author Mantas Valuzis
The investment in R&D activities as the development and implementing of technology – based innovations in economy in Lithuania is still at low level. In addition, the growth of investments in R&D in private sector is still moderate excluding some partial cases. Based on statistical data main causes of such bad situation in private and public sector (especially in higher education and research institutions) are analysed the and provides some suggestions related to faster growth of R&D development and higher competitiveness of Lithuania.
Eurostat, 2051. European Commission, Eurostat
Kraujelytė A. and Petrauskas R., 2007. Technologijų perdavimo vaidmuo inovacijų procese: Lietuvos inovacijų politikos perspektyva. Viešoji politika ir administravimas. 2007. No.19
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Keywords Technology transfer, creation of innovations
Pages 47-51
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