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Volume 11
Issue 2
Online publication date 2015-11-22
Title The hybrid time-frequency detection method based on EEMD for balanced tension-type electronic fence
Author Zhijie Tang, Tianlun Li, Xinnan Leng
With the increasing market demand for security, traditional electronic fence products’ performances have been unable to meet people’s needs. As a new circumjacent alarm system, tension-type electronic fence is used widely and become a part of our life. With the enhancement of our safety consciousness, electronic fence which has good safety performance and low false alarm rate will become a new trend. In order to prevent the crime and security precautions. To make full use of electronic fence, we design a type of balanced tension-type electronic fence and the EEMD mode detection method is described in this paper to track the variation characteristics of balanced tension-type fence and alarm recognition in real time. Finally it is proved that this method can accomplish alarm identification reliably and accurately.
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Keywords Balanced tension-type electronic fence, empirical mode decomposition, alarm recognition
Pages 52-62
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