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Volume 12
Issue 1
Title Consumer’s research for new functional bakery product development
Author Slavica Grujic, Mirjana Grujcic
Producers have opportunity to retain a competitive status developing new functional products that rely on the flavourful bakery products from national cuisine in target market. The aim of our research was to demonstrate a methodology for providing data from target market that may be used as ideas for development of new functional bakery product. The study was conducted on a representative sample of 720 adolescents and young adults. In printed questionnaire respondents answered about: nutrition, food quality, nutrients, habits in food consumption and preferences.  Data obtained were analyzed regarding total observed population and crossing consumers classified based on: age; sex; body mass index. The identified similarities and differences between compared groups of consumers also should be taken into account. In the further work, producer should use collected data as ideas for quality parameters in new food product’s formulation modeling and to fulfill nutritive, technological and sensory quality requirements. This study indicates that the food product development should follow the principles of healthy nutrition, and ideas for products quality parameters could be identified in consumers’ habits, needs and preferences.

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Keywords Consumer research, nutrition, product development, functional bakery products
Pages 1-16
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