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Volume 13
Issue 1
Title The need for using computers in initial teaching of mathematics
Author ATI_Vol13 Issue1_6
Textbooks and worksheets, and workbooks as the dominant existing literature in traditional classes do not meet the contemporary needs of students, especially in the didactic and aesthetic terms. That's why the students badly used, and classes are reduced to a teacher lecture on the basis of which he is seen as the only source of knowledge. In this learning set is often reduced to mechanical memorizing a terse "formula" and the template solving tasks in class and at home. The question is, can he start the teaching of mathematics to give better results? The answer is of course positive. Students will possess a greater quality and quantity of mathematical knowledge more freely if we treat them, that is. If you rely more on their independent work on time with the use of high quality educational software, in circumstances where there are installed computers in teaching mathematics, or the application of well-defined quality teaching materials created on the computer, in terms of indirect application of computers in education. The aim is to draw attention to the fact that guided learning in relation to lecturing teaching gives better results. 

Keywords Innovation, information technology, students, teacher, initial teaching of mathematics
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