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Volume 13
Issue 1
Title Wireless sensor network for telemonitoring and home support for elderly people with chronic diseases
Author Dario Weitz, Franco Lianza, Denis Maria, Nicole Schmidt, Juan Pablo Nant
Ageing significantly increases the prevalence of chronic diseases. Public health services expenditures grow in a biased way because chronic diseases are responsible for 50% of healthcare costs. Telemonitoring and Home Support Systems (THSS) can act as early warning systems trying to forecast the worsening or exacerbation of chronic conditions. We propose a wireless sensor network for THSS of an adult living alone in his habitual residence. The system is evaluated by means of a discrete event simulation model using the activity scanning approach. Graphics from sensor data allow to present summarized reports to family and healthcare providers through web applications. 

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Keywords Telemonitoring and home support, remote healthcare, wireless sensor network, simulation model
Pages 1-11
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