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Volume 13
Issue 1
Title Modelling of the biped robot using Maple software
Author Ahmet Shala, Mirlind Bruqi, Xhevahir Bajrami
First, a brief overview is provided on humanoid robots, and also models for the dynamic behavior are discussed. Two methods, Denavit-Hartenberg and Newton-Euler, are used as the base for these models. Main task of this work is to investigate the stability of the proposed biped robot. There is currently the low base of robot - consisting of feet, legs, hips and upper part of robots body. This structure currently has ten degrees of freedom.
Bajrami, Xh. (2013). Dynamic modeling and simulation of a biped robot (PhD dissertation). Retrieved from The Vienna University of Technology, Austria.
Bajrami, Xh., Kopacek, P., Shala. A., Likaj. R. (2013). Modeling and control of a humanoid robot. e & i Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik, 130(2), 61-66.
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Shala, A. (2004). Planning walking patterns for a BIPED robot using FNN-GA. Brussels, Belgium.
Keywords Kinematics, dynamics, biped, Simulink
Pages 12-20
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