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Volume 13
Issue 1
Title Measurement of noise level in the fair area
Author Ebuzer Aygul, Ishak Ertugrul, Sezgin Ersoy
The noise causes many problems and damage on human health. There is enough scientific evidence that noise exposure can induce hearing impairment, hypertension and ischemic heart disease, annoyance, sleep disturbance. Especially in case of long-term exposure to noise, the noise can cause permanent illnesses. People are mostly exposed to noise in work areas and life environments.  The effects of noise on human health are increasing rapidly. In this study, real-time noise values were measured in the fair area. The measured noise values exceeded the international noise values. The results of this measurement show that as long as experts do not take precautions, people working in fair are at risk of constant noise. 
Keywords Noise, noise measurement, human health, adverse effects
Pages 21-26
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