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Volume 3
Issue 3
Online publication date 2010-11-11
Title A further study of crystallization of lithium perchlorate from LiClO₄-NaCl-H₂O system
Author Milovan Jotanovic, Zivko Andric, Goran Tadic, Vladan Micic
Abstract The aim of this paper is to define feasible process pathways of fractional crystallization of NaCl and LiClO₄·3H₂0 from LiClO₄-NaCl-H₂O system using the information on the equilibrium of the LiClO₄-NaCl-H₂O system at different temperatures, as well as the information on the composition of the starting solution obtained by electrolysis and double exchange with LiCl. The paper also synthesizes a feasible process structure that can be applied for the process of fractional crystallization, and gives a simulation of the process by calculating the material balance of the process. The parameters of relevant process paths that were obtained prove that the process presented in this paper is feasible in practice and applicable in industry.
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Keywords Lithium-perchlorate, equilibrium, processing pathway
Pages 15-22
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