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Volume 4
Issue 1
Online publication date 2011-04-18
Title Numerical modelling of the contact problem on the end-plate connections of the steel structures
Author Tale Geramitcioski, Ilios Vilos
Abstract This paper presents method, procedure and the developed mechanism for experimental determination of the F-Δ diagram for high strength bolts with 10.9 class of strength, which are used in the end-plate connections of the steel structures. The F-Δ diagram is essential as an input parameter for the “SOFISTIK” software package users, and for the real numerical modelling of contact problems in the end-plate connections of the steel structures and obtaining the M-F diagram using FEM. It as well presents the comparison between the numerical method obtained from the M-F diagram and the M- F diagram obtained from EUROCODE 3 under the given rules within the procedure.
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Waznek, T., Gebbeken, N.,1999. “Numerical aspects for the simulation of end plate connections,” Numerical simulation of semi-rigid connections by the finite Element Method, Report of working group 6-Numerical Simulation, Brussels Luxembourg.          

Keywords End-plate connection, steel structure, high strength bolts, experimental F-Δ diagram
Pages 1-11
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