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Volume 4
Issue 1
Online publication date 2011-04-18
Title Comparison of effects of three commercial pectolytic enzyme preparations in white winemaking
Author Kiro Mojsov, Jugoslav Ziberoski, Zvonimir Bozinovic, Meri Petreska

White grape mashes of Smederevka were treated with different pectolytic enzyme preparations. These treatments resulted in increases in clarity of the wine, filterability, amounts of solids that settled and wine quality. The results of the experiments provide comparison of the efficiency of preparations applicable in white winemaking. The time of filtration was two times shorter when using the enzyme preparations Trenolin Mash DF and Rohavin LX compared to the control sample. By using the enzyme preparations Vinozym Process, the speed of desliming was threefold faster, and in the case of Trenolin Mash and Rohavin LX twofold faster compared to the control sample. These enzyme treatments resulted in clarified the white grape juice, degraded the grape mash, reduced juice viscosity and elicited an improvement in the visual aspect of the wine.

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Keywords Pectolytic enzymes, white grape Smederevka, filterability, settling rate.
Pages 34-38
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