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Volume 6
Issue 1
Online publication date 2012-03-20
Title Phosphorus-contained polycondensation type ion-exchange resins
Author Tulkun Tursunov
This work describes synthesis and research of new polycondensation type phosphorus-contained ion-exchange polymers by phosphorylation of polymers received through the interaction of furfural (accessible and cheap product of hydrolytic and cotton scraping industry of Uzbekistan) with benzyl bromide (chloride). Furfural and its derivatives possess high reactionary ability thanks to presence of carbonyl groups, and presence of a heterocyclic cycle gives to the received polymers high thermal and chemical stability. Polycondensation reaction kinetics of furfural and benzyl bromide, and phosphorylation reaction of the received benzyl bromide-furfural polymer were studied. Sorption, kinetic and thermo-chemical properties of received ion-exchange resins were studied using physico-chemical and chemical analyses to find out specific objects of practical application. Particularly, sorption and selective properties of received ion-exchange resins to ions of such metals as copper, nickel, calcium, magnesium, and uranyl ion were studied. Received results support the application of the investigated ion-exchange resins in processes of clearing of industrial and waste waters of hydrometallurgical manufactures.
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Keywords Furfural, benzyl bromide, ion-exchange resin, cation-exchange resin, polycondensation, sorption, phosphorylation, copper, nickel, calcium, magnesium, uranil ion, benzyl bromide-furfural polymer, bromomethyl group, polyethylene polyamine, potentiometric titration, thermal stability, chemical stability
Pages 10-21
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