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Volume 6
Issue 1
Online publication date 2012-03-20
Title Preparation and research on properties of castor oil as a diesel fuel additive
Author Nurbakhit Imankulov
The research shows an opportunity of preparing biodiesel fuel on the basis of local diesel fuel and the bioadditive - castor oil. Limiting optimum concentration of introduction of the bioadditive equal was established as 5% mass ratio. The castor oil released from seeds of Palma Christi grown on experimental field. All physical and chemical characteristics of the oil including IR-spectra were determined. Operating conditions of castor oil introduction (temperature, solubility, concentra-tion, etc.) were determined. The received biofuel was tested at oil refinery and its bench tests with a positive effect were also carried out. Technical requirements and technological regulation (temporary) on manufacture of this biodiesel fuel were prepared.
EU, 2003. Directive 2003/30 of EU Parliament and the Council of EU. On the promotion of the use of biofuels or other renewable fuels for transport.  May 8

Imankulov, N., 2008. Castor oil as a component of biodiesel fuel [Kastorovoye maslo kak komponyent biodizyelnogo topliva], in Russian, Collected Scientific articles at 6th International Scientific Conference, Vol.1, Ufa (Russia), pp.349-52

Imankulov, N. and Balabekov, O., 2009. Alternative fuels on the basis of plant raw materials [Alternativnoe toplivao na osnove rastitelnogo sirya], in Russian, Shymkent (Kazakhstan)

Imankulov, N., 2010. “International standards on biodiesel fuel,” VI International scientific-practical conference “Vĕdecký Pokrok na Rozmezi Tisicileti”, Prague, Czech Republic, pp.47-49   

Keywords Biodiesel, castor oil, diesel fuel additive
Pages 30-37
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