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Volume 7
Issue 2
Online publication date 2012-06-21
Title Performance estimation of micro-pipeline based calculations
Author Dimitar Tyanev, Antoniya Tyaneva
Main focus of this article is the performance estimation of any arbitrary computational structure in various forms of control organization. Four organization cases are observed - sequential processing of high number of tasks by classical control of the computing structure using (synchronous and asynchronous) end state machine and parallel processing of tasks, organized in pipelined computational structure (synchronous and asynchronous controlled). The latency of each operational level is approximated with normally distributed random variable.
Sutherland, I., 1989. “Micropipelines,” Communications of the ACM, Vol.32, № 6, ACM: 000l-0782, pp.720-38

Ventsel, E., 1969. Theory of probability [Teoriya verojatnostey], in Russian, 4th edition, Moscow: Nauka

Keywords Micro-pipeline, performance
Pages 77-81
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