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Volume 8
Issue 3
Online publication date 2012-11-15
Title The taxonomic composition of soil microorganisms in the ecosystems of southern chernozems of Northern Kazakhstan
Author Galina Churkina, Kairat Kunanbayev, Galiya Akhmetova

This article discusses the species composition of soil microorganisms in the ecosystems of the southern chernozem of Northern Kazakhstan. Microorganisms are an essential soil component. In fallow soil where there has been no cultivation for over 50 years they amount to over 35 million cells per gram of soil, while in arable ground this increases to 46.2 million cells. Actinomyces tend to dominate in the biotic communities of uncultivated land. In cultivated arable land bacteria assimilating mineral and organic nitrogen predominate - a fact which testifies to the activity of soil-biochemical processes leading to profound mineralization of the organic substances in the soil.

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Keywords Soil microorganisms, soil biota, soil fertility, tillage, nitrogen
Pages 13-19
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