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Title A hydrodynamical geometrization of matter and chronometricity in general relativity
Author Indranu Suhendro
Abstract In this work, we outline a new complementary model of the relativistic theory of an inhomogeneous, anisotropic universe which was first very extensively proposed by Abraham Zelmanov to encompass all possible scenarios of cosmic evolution within the framework of the classical General Relativity, especially through the development of the mathematical theory of chronometric invariants. In doing so, we propose a fundamental model of matter as an intrinsic flexural geometric segment of the cosmos itself, i.e., matter is modelled as an Eulerian hypersurface of world-points that moves, deforms, and spins along with the entire Universe. The discrete nature of matter is readily encompassed by its representation as a kind of discontinuity curvature with respect to the background space-time. In addition, our present theoretical framework provides a very natural scheme for the unification of physical fields. An immediate scale-independent particularization of our preliminary depiction of the physical plenum is also considered in the form of an absolute monad model corresponding to a universe possessing absolute angular momentum.
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Progress in Physics, 2008, vol. 1, 58-74.
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