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Volume 9
Issue 4
Online publication date 2014-01-25
Title Algorithm of investment safety ranking assessment: Threats analysis
Author Ganna Kharlamova
The present study aims at the investigating of investment safety from the position of threat analysis. The main conclusion of the paper is the proposed algorithm of investment safety ranking assessment which is free of subjectivity, flexible to threat analysis, potential investment security analyses, open to periodization technique. Using the author's ranking system ("authors skating system") proposed to determine for each object firstly the assessment on the level of each statistical factor, and then – at the level of IS components (investment potential, investment activity, investment risks considered from the threat position). Periodization technique by means of cluster analyses proves the necessity to consider homogenous intervals during the investment security analysis especially while first stage of listing potential indicators. The conducted research can be useful in practice for policy makers, potential investors, analytical agencies, security analysts.
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Keywords Investment safety, assessment, threat, periodization, cluster analysis.
Pages 75-85
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