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Volume 10
Issue 1
Online publication date 2014-04-22
Title Social attitudes as the factor of growing liability insurance claims – study of Polish market in context of global trends
Author Ilona Kwiecien, Ewa Poprawska, Anna Jedrzychowska
Analyses of trends on the third party liability insurance market have indicated in the recent years that the quantity and value of claims have been growing on all markets . The examination of reasons therefor reveals multiple factors, including also a change of social attitudes - a greater inclination of injured parties to assert claims and higher expectations as to the quality (extent) of compensation. This inclination results from social and economic factors. This paper describes current trends in this field on the Polish market in the context of experiences of other countries. It identifies the determinants of changes of attitudes of persons who assert claims and illustrates such attitudes with results of questionnaire surveys. 
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Keywords Third party liability insurance, third party liability claims, compensation culture, insurance market
Pages 18-42
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