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Volume 11
Issue 1
Online publication date 2015-04-14
Title A novel application of grey principal component analysis to determine stockholder’s approach towards financial ratios
Author Amin Babaei Falah, Morteza Sardari
In this paper, we try to determine the stockholder’s desire approach to financial ratios using a combination of principal component analysis and grey theory.Grey Principal Component Analysis (GPCA)handles poor information reduces dimensions of variables and gives an appropriate score to each company. Here we employ GPCA to identify more appropriate strategies of normalizing data curves to reduce the discrepancy between the GPCA-ranking and return-ranking, hence determining the approaches of stockholders of listed pharmaceutical firms of Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) regarding financial ratios.
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Keywords Performance evaluation, grey principal component analysis, MCDM, pharmaceutical industry, market desire
Pages 41-50
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