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Volume 2
Issue 2
Online publication date 2010-07-16
Title Effectiveness of information communication technology in rural insurance
Author Varadaraju Thamodaran, M. Ramesh
Abstract Information and communications technologies are a device set of technological tools and resources used to communicate rural people about to disseminate awareness, create interest and to stimulate enroll intentions of insurance. It has enabled countries to leapfrog traditional modes of service delivery and make manifold improvements in process effectiveness and efficiency. Widespread adoption and application of information communication technology across the different fields of society and the economy is presently considered to be the key factor behind boosting competitiveness and developing an informed society. In general, information communication technology and its tools that people use to share, distribute, information gathering and to communicate with insurance providers, or in groups, through the use of media such as print, visual and interconnected computer networks.
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Keywords Insurance, ICT, effectiveness, rural people, media.
Pages 98-105
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