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Volume 13
Issue 2
Online publication date 2017-07-20
Title Is the price-cost margin affected by the market concentration? Evidence from the Czech food and beverages industry
Author Ivana Blazkova, Ondrej Dvoulety
The paper investigates the relationship between the market concentration and the price-cost margin in the Czech food processing industry during 2003-2014. Estimated econometric models with Fixed Effects supported hypothesis assuming the positive impact of the market concentration on the price-cost margin controlling for productivity. The increase in the productivity was associated with the increase of the price-cost margins. Based on the results, policy makers should promote market competition in the food processing industry, for example through the reduction of entry barriers. Another option worth consideration is to support R&D activities potentially leading to market transformation and increase in efficiency. 
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Keywords Price-cost margin, market concentration, food and beverages industry, Czech Republic, regression analysis
Pages 256-269
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