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Volume 13
Issue 5
Online publication date 2017-11-12
Title Determinants of export performance: Case of seafood firms in Viet Nam
Author Bang Nguyen Viet, Buu Le Tan, Vu Nguyen Thanh, Nhan Vo Kim
Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to define and measure key factors regarding toexport performance of seafood firms in Viet Nam. 
Methodology: This study has used qualitative and quantitative researches: (i) qualitative research carried out through focus group discussions with 10 chief executive officers of seafood firms, and (ii) quantitative research conducted through direct interviews with 305 seafood firms (chief executive officer or senior executive) in Mekong Delta region (Viet Nam). 
Result and conclusion: The results show that: (i) export performance is affected by export marketing strategy, characteristics and capabilities, industry characteristics, management characteristics, domestic market characteristics, and foreign market characteristics; (ii) export marketing strategy is affected by characteristics and capabilities, industry characteristics, management characteristics, domestic market characteristics, and foreign market characteristics.  However, the research subject has certain limitations: (i) due to limited resources in conducting research, the sample size consisted of 305 seafood firms, (ii) This study conducted the sampling technique of using direct interview methods from respondents.

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Keywords Export performance, export seafood, seafood in Vietnam
Pages 722-735
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