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Volume 3
Issue 3
Online publication date 2010-10-14
Title The level of talent management usage at human resources management in organizations of the Moravian-Silesian Region
Author Petra Horvathova, Irena Durdova
Abstract The article is aimed at bringing information on the scope and the level of use of talent management by organizations in one of the Czech Republic regions, in the Moravian-Silesian Region. On the basis of data acquired by a questionnaire survey it has been found out that organizations in the above-mentioned region are implementing the system of talent management on a small scale: this approach is used by 3.8% of organizations only that is 9 from 237 (100 %) of the approached respondents. The main reasons why this approach is not used is either that organizations have no knowledge of it or there is lack of financial and personnel resources. Recommendations suggested by the author can be found useful for a wider application of talent management in the Czech practice.
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Keywords Talent, talent management, use, Moravian-Silesian Region, questionnaire survey, recommendations, wider application.
Pages 58-67
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