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Volume 4
Issue 1
Online publication date 2011-01-14
Title Strategic planning practice in transition economies: Empirical evidence from the Macedonian context
Author Stojan Debarliev, Marija Trpkova
Abstract The aim of this study is to examine a wider list of factors (business structure, management structure and environmental factors), whose impact on the strategic planning in the private sector has been investigated. A total of 212 questionnaires were collected from different size, age, industry type and ownership enterprises working in the private sector in Republic of Macedonia. In order to analyze the variables that are determinants of the strategic planning, multiple linear regression was used. The business size, business control, intention to change the operations and business flexibility are very important factors in the enterprises that have a significant correlation with the strategic planning incidence. The importance of this study lays in its contribution to all past studies and research referring to this subject in transition and emerging countries, with emphasis on the case of the Republic of Macedonia as a transition economy, as well as in the examination of a wider list of factors whose impact on the strategic planning was examined.
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Keywords Strategic planning, enterprises, transition economies, Macedonia
Pages 27-39
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