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Volume 8
Issue 2
Online publication date 2012-12-15
Title Studying the effect of assets return rate on stock price of the companies accepted in Tehran stock exchange
Author Parviz Saeidi, Abolghasem Okhli
One of the criteria to evaluate management ability of a company to gain return is assets return rate, with regard to existing resources. Management is expected to use the current assets so that the maximum return is gained.                                                                 
The present study aims at investigating assets return rate impact on stock prices of the companies accepted in Tehran stock exchange. In this research, assets return rate is considered as independent variable, and stock price as dependent variable, and company size, company age, and beta coefficient as control variables from 2001 to 2010. Research method is correlation in terms of hypothesis testing, and through multi-variable regression statistic analysis has been done. The research findings indicate strong impact and relationship between independent and dependent variables, and the research hypothesis has been accepted.

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Keywords Stock price, assets return rate, investment, company size
Pages 12-22
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