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Volume 8
Issue 2
Online publication date 2012-12-15
Title Attitudes and decisions of the motor insurance buyers in Poland
Author Marta Borda, Anna Jędrzychowska
Motor insurance constitutes the most popular type of insurance products purchased in Poland and consequently the largest part of non-life insurance sector. In this paper the selected results of the questionnaire survey concerning attitudes and choices of the motor insurance buyers on the Polish market are presented. First, the current situation on the Polish motor insurance market is discussed. Next, the scope of the motor insurance held by respondents, their forms and used distribution channels are analysed. The stress is put on the level of the customers` loyalty to the current insurer, as well as the factors influencing the choice of a specific insurance company and its offer. Finally, the results of the analysis concerning the statistical interdependencies between selected characteristics of the respondents are considered.The conducted research can be useful in practice for the insurance companies, interested in improving their motor insurance offer, as well as the insurance intermediaries serving individual customers

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Keywords Motor insurance, insurance market, questionnaire survey, distribution channel, correlation analysis
Pages 23-32
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