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Volume 9
Issue 1
Online publication date 2013-04-01
Title The effects of discretionary fiscal policy on macroeconomic aggregates
Author Stevan Gaber, Ilija Gruevski, Vasilka Gaber
We review the evidence on the practice and effects of discretionary fiscal policy, particularly in the context of recent efforts to stimulate the economy, reaching two main conclusions. First, policy interventions have increased in this decade, pre-dating the 2009 stimulus. Second, despite a large economic literature on the topic, the state of theory and evidence is not as "shovel ready" as one would like. Although consumption and investment clearly respond to tax incentives and structural vector autoregressions show that lower taxes and higher government purchases can boost output, it is difficult to apply the findings in the current context, in part because multipliers and policy lags are likely to vary with economic conditions. This paper surveys the theoretical predictions and recent empirical Vector Autoregression (VAR) evidence on the short-run effects of discretionary fiscal policy on macroeconomic aggregates.
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Keywords Macroeconomic models, VAR, fiscal policy, macroeconomic aggregates, real bussines cycles theory
Pages 32-39
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