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Title Generalised Einstein relation for hot Brownian motion
Author D. Chakraborty, M. V. Gnann, D. Rings, J. Glaser, F. Otto, F. Cichos, K. Kroy
Abstract The Brownian motion of a hot nanoparticle is described by an effective Markov theory based on fluctuating hydrodynamics. Its predictions are scrutinized over a wide temperature range using large-scale molecular dynamics simulations of a hot nanoparticle in a Lennard-Jones fluid. The particle positions and momenta are found to be Boltzmann distributed according to distinct effective temperatures THBM andTk. For THBM we derive a formally exact theoretical prediction and establish a generalised Einstein relation that links it to directly measurable quantities.
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[26] A PDF file with technical and supplementary information containing a detailed formulation of the contraction of the fluctuating hydrodynamics problem to a
Markovian Langevin description of the Brownian motion
of the nanoparticle, convenient analytical approximations for THBM and DHBM, a discussion of how to obtain ζHBM and how to deal with finite-size effects
in the numerical simulations, information about the parallel processing of the simulation code, and various supporting plots is available free of charge via the Internet at supmat.pdf.
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