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Title Causing factors of refractive error in children: heredity or environment?
Author N. Prema
The study is aimed at assessing the prevalence of Refractive Error and the factors associated with it. A total of 123(VII STD) students aged between 12 and 13 were screened with the help of an Optometrist in the classroom. Forty-six (37.39%) of them were found to be having the problem of Refractive Error. Detailed information regarding their parental Refractive status, near work (watching TV, working on the computers, playing video games and reading books for pleasure etc) and outdoor activities (Time spent on  outdoor games and other activities) per day were collected carefully and subjected to association analysis. Students with Refractive Error were more likely to have parents with Refractive Error; significant association exists with near work and is inversely associated with outdoor activity.
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Keywords Refractive Error, Parental Myopia, Near work, Outdoor Activity, Biological theory, Use-abuse theory
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