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Title Employee retention by motivation
Author K. Sandhya, D. Pradeep Kumar
Employee motivation is one of the important factors that can help the employer to improve employee and organizational performance. Different theories of motivation are discussed. The paper concludes that  employee retention can be practiced better by motivating the employees in the following aspects: Open communication, Employee reward program, Career development program, Performance based bonus, Recreation facilities, Gifts at some occasions.
1. Beverly Kaye and Sharon  Jordan- Evans (2000) 
Retention:Tag, You’re It!. Training and Development, 
April, pp: 29-34.
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enterprise. McGraw-Hill/Irwin; 1 edition. 
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5. Qadria  Alkandari (2009) Employees retention in private 
sector an exploratory study in the State Of Kuwait. 
Project paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the 
requirement for the degree of Master of Business 
Administration, Open University Malaysia
Keywords Employee retention, Organizations, Strategies, Career, Performance based
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