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Title Selected psychological and social variables of professional students of Punjab and Jammu Kashmir states
Author Hilal Ahmad, Surjeet Singh
The purpose of present study was to compare the psychological and social variables of physical education students of Punjab and Jammu Kashmir states. To obtain data for this study, the investigator had selected two hundred (N=200) subjects, out of which one hundred (N=100) from Punjab state and one hundred (n=100) from Jammu Kashmir state who were studying under the  Department of Physical Education Punjabi University, Patiala (Punjab) and Department of Physical Education & Sports, University of Kashmir (J&K). The age of all subjects ranged from 21 to 28 years. Selfconcept, anxiety, intelligence, were taken as psychological variables while as socio economic status and social attitude were chosen to measure social variables. The self-concept was measured by  applying the Sinha’s, 1984 self disclosure inventory;  the anxiety level of the subject by I.P.A.T anxiety scale questionnaire developed by Krug et al., 1992; the intelligence of the subjects was measured by R.K. Tondon’s, 1975 group test; socio economic status by Verma, R.P. & P.C Saxena index. 1984 and to measure social attitude, Raghavendra S. Singh, Amar NathTripathi and RamjeeLal’s Modernization Scale were used. The scoring was done for the respective questionnaire according to their manuals. “T” test was applied to determine the significance of difference and direction of difference in mean scores of 
variables between Punjab and Jammu Kashmir states. The level of significance was set at 0.05. The results revealed that no significant difference was found between physical education students of Punjab and Jammu Kashmir states on 
social variables. In psychology variables that is self-concept and anxiety no significant difference was found. However in the variable intelligence a significant difference was  found between physical education students of Punjab and Jammu Kashmir states.
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Keywords Physical education, Punjab, Jammu Kashmir
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