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Title Gravitational search algorithm for optimization of retaining structures
Author Mohammad Khajehzadeh, Mahdiyeh Eslami
Abstract This paper presents an effective optimization method for nonlinear constrained optimization of retaining structures. A newly developed heuristic global optimization algorithm called gravitational search algorithm (GSA) is introduced and applied for the optimization of retaining structures. The optimization procedure controls all geotechnical and structural design constraints while reducing the overall cost of the retaining wall. To verify the efficiency of the proposed method, two design examples of retaining structures are illustrated. To further validate the effectiveness and robustness of the GSA, these examples are solved using two other heuristic algorithms namely particle swarm optimization and genetic algorithm. The comparison between the results of the new method and selected other algorithms indicate that, the proposed method could provide solutions of high quality, accuracy and efficiency and outperforms other methods for optimum design of retaining structure.
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Keywords Retaining structure, Optimization, Minimum cost, Gravitational search algorithm, Heuristic method
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