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Title Effects of Whole-Body Vibration on Physiological Responses to One Bout of Resistance Training
Osawa Y, Oguma Y. Effects of Whole-Body Vibration on Physiological Responses to One Bout of Resistance Training. JEPonline 2011;14(2):36-45. It is widely known that sufficient training intensity and volume are needed to improve muscle fitness. Although numerous exercise programs using vibration platforms have been previously
evaluated, little is known about the number of training set that are optimal for 3-axial whole-body vibration training (WBV). The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of 3-axial WBV on neuromuscular and cardiovascular responses to one bout of resistance training measured by surface electromyography, oxygen consumption (VO2), and heart rate (HR). Ten healthy subjects performed 45 sec static squat
exercise for 3 sets with a 60 sec rest period with and without WBV (frequency = 35 Hz, amplitude = 2 mm). Oxygen consumption, HR, and surface electromyography (vastus medialis, vastus lateralis, and biceps femoris) were measured throughout the trial. Significant condition-bytime interactions were observed in surface electromyography, VO2, and HR. In vastus medialis, muscle activities progressively increased throughout the trial only under WBV. Oxygen consumption in the second
set was significantly higher than that in the first set in both conditions. In addition, the values for both first and second sets with WBV were significantly higher than those without WBV. Although higher HR was observed under WBV compared with that without WBV throughout the trial, no significant increases were observed throughout the trial. We concluded that whole-body vibration has the potential to influence training intensity and probably lead to an increase in accumulated fatigue caused by resistance training with 2 to 3 sets.
Keywords Whole-Body Vibration, Oxygen Consumption, Heart rate
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