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Title Cardiovascular Responses During Groucho Running
Skime A, Boone T. Cardiovascular Responses During Groucho Running. JEPonline 2011;14(2):88-92. The purpose of this study was to determine the steady-state cardiovascular effects of 10 min of Groucho running. In randomized order, 6 subjects participated in both the Control Session (normal running) and the Treatment Session (Groucho running). Oxygen consumption (VO2) and cardiac output (Q) were determined
using a Cardio2 metabolic analyzer. Cardiac output was determined at the end of the 10th min of the exercise period using the CO2 rebreathing procedure. The physiological data were analyzed using the ANOVA with repeated measures. Groucho running resulted in a significant increase in Q (p < 0.05), which signficantly increased VO2. The Q response was due to the significant increase in heart rate (HR) since stroke volume
(SV) was unchanged. The increase in metabolic rate was coupled to the increase in Q, which was achieved by the significant increase in mean arterial pressure (MAP). The increase in VO2 was associated with an increase in expired ventilation (VE), which was a result of a significant increase in the frequency of breaths (Fb). There were no significant changes in steady-state tidal volume (TV), arteriovenous oxygen difference (a-vO2 diff), and peripheral vascular resistance (PVR) during Groucho running. These findings indicate that the increase in VO2 during Groucho running resulted from a central adjustment in the steady-state Q response and not from a peripheral adjustment in tissue extraction.
Keywords Groucho Running, Oxygen Consumption, Heart Rate, Stroke Volume, Cardiac Output, Arteriovenous Oxygen Difference
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