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Title La crisi dei rapporti tra potere e autorità nella città che cambia
Author Cristina Bianchetti
When we think about the government of urban transformations, two points are particularly of importance. Firstly, the credibility of public authorities promoting and managing such changes; secondarily, to correctly identify the changes in order to give accurate directions to the urban development changes. The system resulting from technical and political choices must be attractive and dynamic: This happens only when the political system is able to make a effective and acceptable development plan by the inhabitants of Turin (and not to reduce strictly to a renewal of the local real estate structures).Presently in the changed city of Turin, (the city is radically changed due ti the fact that it was a one company area), the source of such change has not been due to the Olympic Games plan, but instead on a global strategy able to rethink and reinvent the city as a whole, through new forms of urban politics related with the old economical basis. This presents a problem in terms of how much the administrative project and the urban project are intertwined, and in which way they can relate each other in order to develop the City into a new functional (and optimal) reality.
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