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Title L’ordine della costruzione della città
Author Elisa Palazzo
Abstract It is said that the very beginning of urban architecture is not to build up, but to delimit, to shape a place, to trace a line or a direction. So, the real richness of 18th century European Capitals is their structure, made up of perspectives and straight directions, orientated with the pre-existing geographical and environmental system. The long urban history of Turin is just exemplar of this theory. If we point out the aerial view of the historical part of Turin, we can notice huge axial boulevards created in 18th century in the middle of the countryside, eventually filled with urban expansions. The city growth used this axis, so to adapt itself to the peculiar territory where the city itself lies. The contemporary growth of the city of Turin is the total opposite of this pattern: first of all, buildings and constructions are built up, in order to be sure the volumes and the surfaces allowed are to be built, and only after the terrain around is ameliorated, in order to respond to the parameters of green and car parking requested by the law, only after the economical returns of the new buildings have come. These criteria are labelled as “ecological”, but are usually lacking of figurative, formal and urban intentions, since they only try to give what the law asks. The facts about the Dora Riparia River Park in the area named Spina 3 in Turin are just emblematic of the reversal of the logical order wanting the infrastructures such as streets to come first, and then one can build up the real buildings.
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